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Lash & Brow Treatments

Our eyes, they say are the window to our soul.

They can be the first thing that we notice and how we make a connection.

Let your eyes do the talking.


Individual Eyelash Extensions


Standard Set

£40One and a quarter hour application required.

Individual lashes are applied more sporadically to give a fuller natural look.

Deluxe set

£602 hour application required

Individual lashes are applied to each lash, enhancing both length and volume, to create a glamorous and full sexy look.


£20per hour + £5 for every 15 minutes there after

The natural cycle of a single lash is approximately 90 days.Because each lash is at a different stage of its cycle, on average we tend to lose 4 to 6 natural lashes daily. For this reason, infills are required every 2 weeks,to replace lashes naturally shed and maintain a full and glamorous look.



Ideal for holidays,fair hair, regular swimmers or just a great time saver for today’s busy lady.

No more mascara or panda eyes.

Beautiful eyes are framed perfectly with a defined brow.

Please note, a patch test is required at least 24 hours before treatment.



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