Beauty & Holistic Therapist Weston Super Mare

New Mum Package


  • Luxury Elemis Facial
  • Reflexology




Firstly congratulations on the birth of your new baby. After 9 months of nurturing, your bundle of joy is finally here. Your body has done an amazing thing so now it’s time to do something amazing for your body.

Starting with an hour of reflexology. Performed using fingers and thumbs on specific reflex points of the feet to enhance the bodies natural functioning and return it to a state of homoeostasis (balance). It is believed a balanced body is a healthy one and aswell as reducing stress, this relaxing treatment can also improve circulation, revitalize energy, cleanse body of impurities and promote better sleep to name but a few benefits.  Followed by a luxurious Elemis facial, designed to restore your skins natural glow. including a scalp and facial massage for complete relaxation.



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